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What to expect when you book with Libby Wedding Singer...

Updated: Feb 26

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Hello Everyone!

I am back with the blogging and this week I am going to tell you about what you can expect when you book in with me. I know that there's 100's of suppliers out there to choose from but each supplier will be the one for different people!! It just simply works that way, so keep on reading and see if I am the supplier for you.

First and foremost I will become your friend, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with having me at your wedding day, I don't want to be a stranger! I also want you to trust me and trust that'll I'll do everything I can for your big day and how can you build trust without knowing a person?

Secondly, I promise to invest my time to help you create the perfect wedding day for you! When you book with me I have at least 6 documents to send over to you. Now I know you're sat there thinking "6 documents?!?", but trust me, they are an easy read and they will help you massively! I don't want to give too much away but one of documents is 20+ pages long of recommendations of fellow suppliers that I trust whole heartedly.

Thirdly, you will have my full attention! When a couple books with me, I like to put in a consultation call so we can get to know each other, go over a few questions and I can answer any questions you may have for me! After that, we can have as many or as little calls as you'd like. Every couple is different and I am very adaptable to that, you want a call for us to listen to some songs to see if they're suitable? Absolutely fine by me.

And Finally, I promise to be the best that I can for you! You want a song that isn't on my playlist? I'll learn it, I've sent over your set list and you want to change some songs? Let's change them! I'm so passionate about each and every single of one of my couples weddings that I will do all that I can for you!

So, do I sound like the perfect supplier for you? Do you want to find out about packages & prices? Then fill out your details in my contact section on my website OR follow me on Instagram @libbyweddingsinger and drop me a message!

I look forward to welcoming you to the family.

With Love,

Libby xx

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