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What pain points can I solve?

When planning a wedding there may be many "pain points" that you come across during the process.

A pain point is something that you don't enjoy about the process, something that is proving to be difficult or something that has tarnished that exciting feeling for you.

As a wedding suppliers we are to take that feeling away. So for example you may hire a stylist to style your venue as you have a vision but you don't know where to even start when bringing it to life.

Another example is hiring a wedding planner, you may have all of the amazing ideas but just don't have the time to plan it all. A wedding planner takes the stress away from you and resolves to pain point.

So you may ask "what pain point are you solving?" And I am here to tell you just that!

Imagine going to a restaurant with your loved one, or some friends or even family and when you get there, there's no music... it's just silence. Imagine the awkwardness that would build up in a room, they'd be no atmosphere, people would probably feel like they can't talk or be themselves and who'd enjoy that?

Now imagine the same scenario but there's a playlist on in the background, it's nice as there's music but let's be honest, do you really pay attention?

Now let's do that whole scenario again but with live music. How many tables do you think comment on music, how many people sing along, how many people think about going again for the live music and the atmosphere it creates?

Music is a huge part of our lives without even noticing, do you listen to music in the shower? Do you listen to music whilst driving? Do you have your headphones in on a walk by yourself? Do you find cleaning the house better with music on?

For me the answer is yes everytime and I garuntee if you had a group of people and you put them in a room with no music or a playlist compared to a room with live music then the atmosphere and the overall experience would feel different.

This is the same for your wedding, they'll be parts in the day where you won't have control or you cant entertain your guests due to living in the moment, having your photos taken and so much more.

And that is where I come in...

My passion is creating that atmosphere, taking away the awkward silences and making your day a whole lot easier.

So please digest all of this information, think about the scenarios I've put you in and if you're thinking "oh my goodness I need that" then please get in touch!

Let's tackle one pain point at a time to make your day the best🤍

With love,


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