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Welcome to Libby Wedding Singer

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Libby Wedding Singer.

If you're new here and haven't seen my face before then HELLO! I am Libby, the face behind Libby Wedding Singer and this is my first ever blog. I want to give you all an insight to me and who I am as I feel that is important. I'm completely having a gossip girl moment right this (if you know, you know xoxo) but here we go.

Singing is my passion, it's how I express myself, it's my hobbie, it's my job, it's how I release my feelings and I truly get joy from singing around people and seeing their reactions. I also love LOVE but I think who doesn't? and it's an absolute DREAM to be within the wedding industry.

Let me tell you something about the wedding industry, it is truly built of the most wonderful people, this includes suppliers and fellow couples. As a supplier I know that the wedding industry is built up of incredible talent that people are so passionate about and it just makes them lovely people to work with. Fellow couples are also incredible for all of you bride & grooms out there as they have so many tips and tricks that they aren't afraid to share. The wedding community is one that you'll thrive in and find your people.

So here are some things you need to know about me...

- I LOVE dogs, dogs just take all of our troubles away with their cute faces and their wagging tails

- Chocolate is an addition of mine, no matter what time of day, I can eat chocolate

- I can't run, I've always hated running but have challenged myself to face my struggles and do the couch to 5K

- I have a wise soul, I am 23 however if you meet me and spoke to me for an hour you'd think I was 43

- Travelling is one of favourite things to do, a part from singing, holidays and travelling the world is when I'm truly my happiest

- I am truly and disgustingly in love with my boyfriend, we aren't quite Kourntey and Travis level yet but I am seriously in love with him

- My family are my everything, I truly believe that they are the most important thing in life

We'll stop there as I don't want to be giving you all of my secrets just yet!

If you read this blog and think that I'm the supplier for you then please get in touch, there's always room here in the Libby Weddings community and I'd love to get to know you!

With Love,


(xoxo Gossip Girl)

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