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Calling all of the 2024 Brides🤍 - Special Discount

Calling all of the 2024 Brides 📣📣

Are you getting married in 2024? Are you looking for that special something to make your day unique? Then I may be the right supplier for you!!

First and foremost let me introduce myself, my name is Libby and I am the very proud owner of Libby Wedding Singer. I officially started my business in 2022 built on the passion of my love for singing and love for weddings. I am so lucky and proud that my business has soured, I now nearly fully booked for 2023 which is mind blowing to me🤯🤯

My biggest goal is make your day that extra special!! It's to take some pressure off you and create that personal soundtrack to go with your day.

These reviews melt my heart and just speak for themselves!!

I recently uploaded a blog around why you should have a wedding singer at your day so please check that out!!🤍

I'd love to be a part of your day and create something extra special to be unique to you and your partner.

As a 2024 couple, I am offering you 24% off with the code "LWS24" which you'll need to reference upon your quote.

Please follow my instagram at libbyweddingsinger to see what I'm all about and either quote through my website or message myself on instagram and let's get your special days booked in🤍🤍

With love,

Libby xxxx

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