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I know that people have so many questions about how I work, 

my packages, what I offer, my Booking process etc, please see all of my FAQ'S below. 

If I haven't answered a question that you have below, please fill out your question on your enquiry form which you can find below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.


How does the process of booking you work?

If you'd like to book in with me, please fill out an Enquiry form which you'll find under the "contact now" button of my website. Once you've submitted your form, I will come back to you with my availability, my prices, my song list and any answers to any questions you may have. 

Do we have to pay a Booking Fee to secure our date with you?

To secure your date there is a £200 booking fee and then the remaining balance is due a month before your wedding. The booking fee is non refundable but this is all explained in my T&C's when you book in with me.

Once we've secured our date, how does the process work?

Once you've paid your booking fee, I like to arrange an initial call where we can introduce ourselves, talk about your day and go in to finer detail regarding your booking with me. All of my calls are very laid back and even though I prefer to have them so we can get to know each other, they are optional. 

Do you keep in contact during the process?

Absolutely I do! I become more of a friend during the lead up to your wedding and like to keep in contact to see how you're doing. Lot's of my couples also send songs back and forth to get my opinion etc so there's as much contact as you like. 

Do you charge for travel?

I do charge for travel that is 50 miles away from my house BUT this will always be disclosed at the booking stage, I will never add on a travel fee after you've paid your booking fee. 

Do you have a set song list that we have to choose from or can we requests songs?

I do have a song list that I send in my initial answer to your enquiry form, this is through Spotify. It includes all of the songs that I currently know and perform, however I fully appreciate every couple has songs personal to them and therefore I take as many requests as you like for no extra charge. 

Shall we book with Libby Wedding Singer?

I may be biased but HELL YEAH!!!

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